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Today is the (your) Day!

Updated: Jan 19

Welcome to the PACK!

Thanks for checking us out!

We hope to use this blog to share valuable information/content that enhances your daily life.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute. We would love to hear your story!

So, today is our day. We started the blog. Today is your day because you are checking out summer races and planning for a fun season.

Hard to believe, but it is already time to get training for summer runs. I am starting on Monday. I really am! My, "expert" advice is to start small, that way you actually do it. I am starting a plan, happy to share it, that includes two days of weights, and three days of running. Probably not going to win any races, but I am going to be healthier than I am now (not saying much).

We are excited about the community we are building and all the adventures we will share!

Join us on Strava...Run With The Pack!

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